Our Schools

We operate two schools, one at Kwadèbouke in Port Au Prince, and the other at Fondeblan in the Haitian countryside.  The Kwadèbouke school provides education, healthcare and nutritional food for predominantly restavek young children.  Our school at Fondeblan, a remote town with unemployment rates over 70%, delivers vocational and health education to 125 young women.

Relief and Reconstruction Efforts

The January 2010 earthquake made our previous school building uninhabitable.  Through generous grants from the Pan American Development Foundation and The Boston Foundation Haiti Fund, IHCD rebuilt.  Our new grounds provide space for doubling our current student population.

IHCD distributed over 1,000 meals of emergency food and over 800 tarps for rain-cover to our students and the wider community during 2010. Emergency medical care was provided through partnerships with medical teams from Boston, MA for all students and the wider community.

Our target population is both growing and changing due to the effects on reverse migration and the destruction of thousands of public schools. IHCD currently has a 100+ student waiting list.

International and National Awards

Given to Nicole César for her work founding and operating IHCD:

Heroes of the Hemisphere Award, presented to Nicole César for her work “creating an oasis for the youngest victims of violence, abuse, and exploitation” by the Pan American Development Foundation, 2009

“Femme de Mérite” Award (Woman of Honors Award), from the DEFI Foundation in Port-au-Prince Haiti, 2010.  This distinction honors the relentless work of Nicole César in serving unprivileged Haitians.

Toussaint Louverture Award, from Martin Luther King Foundation of Boston, 2008

Community Services Award, from City Hall of Boston, 2007

Mother of the Year Award, from Boston City Hospital 2006

Our Partners

We actively partner locally and internationally with community schools, foundations, and non-governmental organizations.